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When you see it, you realize this is what you always needed to make your life easier when preparing beverages to go.

A scoop and a funnel combined into an easy to use, one handed device. Such a natural combination.  

So Many Uses:

From sports and nutritional supplements, pre/post work out drinks, infant formula to refilling coffee pods, the Slide-Scoop® provides a one handed, mess free, convenient and easy to use scoop and funnel.

Cost Savings:

Buying nutritional powders in bulk saves you money.  The Slide-Scoop® makes it easy to make your own.

Carbon Emissions Friendly:

Did you ever consider how much Carbon is emitted to make the plastic bottles and to transport beverages in a ready-to-drink form.  By using your own reusable container, and using your own water (whether tap water or filtered) you can help reduce carbon emissions in such an easy way.

Environmentally Friendly:

Buying in Bulk reduces packaging.  Using water available at your home/office/gym eliminates the carbon emissions of transporting pre-filled bottled beverages, reusing your water bottle reduces plastic consumption and waste.  Such a small step taken by thousands of people can add up to a real difference.  Fill Good about your contribution to a better planet with the Slide-Scoop® from Fill 'n Good LLC.


Slide-Scoop® is protected by the following US Patents 9,120,662 & 9,771,251 & 9,896,319


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